Subway tourism!

It's not just for hobbyists and train-obsessives anymore. In the September 20th Globe and Mail Travel section, the front page article briefly compares the world's subway systems.

"You can fall in love in the subway. You can read a book ostentatiously, telling people you are a Jane Austen kind of guy or a Jonathan Lethem kind of girl. You can hang from the bars and pretend you are a monkey. You can smell people's feet, hear their dumb ideas, see them eat and sometimes vomit. This is democratic social space, my friends, with all the anxieties and possibilities that such a space provides."

Some great writing and a few wonderful photos, as well as a few details I was unaware of:

- Tokyo's Shinjuku station sees 3.5 million pass through each day. This is the busiest station.. but it's one station!
- Frank Gehry designed at least some part of the Los Angeles subway (we'll have to get photos of that)