Canada Line now spurring evictions

Now that the Canada Line is nearing completion, at least one residential complex along the line is evicting its tenants in what has become a regular event in Vancouver: the evict/renovate/jack the rent cycle. I've lived in one of these buildings at Oak and 14th (now "Coco", some high-end condos).

It's the dark side of the otherwise positive effect a new rail line can have on a neighbourhood. Property values along a new rail line appreciate an average of 10% faster than the rest of a city, and a new line opens all kinds of possibilities for new, dense development.

Unfortunately, people living along the line during construction can get the boot once it's over, from a story on the Tyee:

"For the longest time we had no access to Cambie between 49th and Marine Drive," says Gillian Skeet, from the Marine Gardens complex at Marine and Cambie. "It's been a nightmare and it's made life difficult. But because we all value living here, we were all willing to put up with it. Now it's being used against us and we're about to lose our homes."

Now that Translink is looking at becoming a developer, this issue will have to be part of development plans along public transit lines.