Vancouver Brings Electric Cars to the Streets

City council yesterday unanimously approved a bylaw allowing low-speed electric neighbourhood vehicles on all roads in Vancouver with posted 50km/h speed limits - making Vancouver the first major city in Canada to do so.

These cars are electronically limited to a maximum speed of 40km/h, and:

  • must travel in the right-hand lane, except to pass
    have to display a 'slow-moving vehicle' sticker
    cannot travel on any of the bridges, as the maximum speed over them is 60km/h
  • These cars shouldn't be kept off the bridges (who can go over 40km/h over the Burrard bridge in the afternoon anyways), but this is a good first step.. if I was looking for a new car, I'd definitely look at one of these. They're cheap to run (low maintenance), and streets full of electric cars wouldn't be as disruptive to neighbourhoods as petroleum arteries.

    Suzanne Anton has said she tried to buy an electric car last year, but we know she's had the opportunity - there has been one model, the Dynasty iT, available for some time. This car was actually built in Delta until earlier this year, when the company was moved to Pakistan.