GVRD Releases Draft Regional Growth Strategy

The GVRD (Metro Vancouver) has released a draft of the new Regional Growth Strategy!

In its final interation, this plan will update the Livable Region Strategic Plan, released in 1996. I've only had time to skim it so far, but I'd say one of the most important aspects of the plan, along with the reaffirmation that farmland must be protected, is the emphasis on protection of industrial land. Industrial land is too often seen as 'empty' and wasteful, clean-slate land just waiting for condos. Industrial zoning is where you'll find lots of jobs, however, and industrial land is of essential importance to a region's economy.

I'd love to see more creative ways to integrate light industry with public transit, and commercial and even residential space. All of my favourite parts of Vancouver are places where industry meets residential areas.

You can download the report here.