Transit Police Duck Meeting with Burnaby City Council

The Transit Police Authority has turned down an invitation to meet with Burnaby city council, according to CBC news and this Burnaby Now article.

Burnaby councillors asked for a meeting in August to find out how much time they spend actually policing transit. The Authority has declined, saying the answers council seeks can be found in documents outlining their mandate.

Burnaby mayor Derrick Corrigan says he sees them "tearing around in their Crown Vics", and wants to know more about what exactly they are doing in the city. Council believes the transit police force is handing out speeding tickets, when they should have more of a presence at SkyTrain stations.

Mayor Derek Corrigan said he wants answers about the police force's activity because SkyTrain stations have a large presence in the city. "This is not about attempting to embarrass them. It's about attempting to get some answers," Corrigan said, adding later, "Shouldn't a station be a place you would go for help - not something you would worry about in your community?"

Concerns have been raised in the past regarding the scope, cost, and authority of the police force, which has been rapidly expanding, both in size and budget, in recent years.