Paul Hillsdon for Surrey Council!

Paul Hillsdon has launched his campaign for Surrey city council (and school board as well). He's been independently researching and publishing several transit- and cycling-related projects, most notable of which is his 'Transit For Tomorrow Plan'.

The plan hinges on the idea that the $1.1 billion the Provincial government has included in their transit plan would be better spent on a new light rail network. The new network would consist of three lines: the 'King George Line' (to run partway towards Whiterock), the '200th St Line' in Langley, and the 'Interurban', which would connect all other rail lines in the area. I'd roll the Interurban out as more of a commuter rail type train, rather than a Streetcar-type line.

His platform - focusing heavily on directing the development of Surrey and the Fraser Valley region - is founded upon the ideas of 'Sustainable Development', 'Green Spaces', 'Transportation Choices', and 'Vibrant Communities'. Oh- it's believed that, if elected, he'd be the youngest in Surrey to have been.. I think he's 19. It makes me wish I had a vote in Surrey.