Vision +COPE +Green Take Nearly all of City Hall

Though they don't take their positions for another three weeks, Vancouver is waking up today with a (mostly) new civic government, one in the firm control of Vision Vancouver.

Though turnout was low (apparently about 30%: detailed results at the city's website here), the once-powerful NPA was sternly handed their walking papers by civic voters over the weekend.

Gregor Robertson won the mayoral race by nearly 19 000 votes (67 598 to 48 794), and the only NPA councillor to retain a seat was Suzanne Anton. Kashmir Dhaliwal was the only Vision Vancouver candidate for council that did not win a seat.

As can be seen in the above map (breaking down results for the mayoral seat), The East-West divide reared its head once again - though this was softened somewhat as the counting neared completion, as many parts of Kitsilano went green later on in the evening.

The results are even more decisive than the 2002 election, when Larry Campbell and COPE were swept into office. At that point, only Ladner and Sullivan remained on council.

Well done, all, now let's not f*** it up this time!