Light Rail "Could be the smartest" Thing to do: Falcon

In an interview that shows some promise as far as the thoughts and direction of decision-makers, Transportation minister Kevin Falcon is talking about a detailed review of light rail as a possible option for future train lines to UBC and the Fraser Valley.

"Light rail could be the smartest, wisest thing to do," Falcon told Black Press.
"I wouldn't rule that in or out. But for goodness sakes, let's do our homework first and make sure we actually know what we're talking about before we make a decision on what the answer should be."

Perhaps this kind of talk is only related to the fact we're entering the provincial election, and none of the candidates for Surrey council back SkyTrain for future expansion in that city. Whatever gets the Transportation minister and his buddies at Translink to check out options in a balanced manner has got to be a positive step.

SkyTrain can do one thing well: it is fast. It is also said that it is cheaper to run over time, and attracts more riders - the prime reasons the Evergreen Line has been pinned to use the technology as well.

It looks like the UBC line is going to be built - and I don't see how this can be a light rail line either. If it isn't built as (the Bombardier linear induction motor) SkyTrain, then anyone coming in from Burnaby and the Tri-Cities will have to transfer at VCC station.