Finally! Vision + COPE look like they'll play nice

It looks like (pending approval by the Cope membership) Vision, COPE, and the Greens have agreed to work together. Or, at least, not step on each other.

This is the best news in some time, cheers to everyone that has been sweating it out behind the scenes on this. I bet it hasn't been easy.. it always sucks that the 'left' can be so fractitious.

Not everyone is in on the party, however. Tim Louis seems most loudly opposed, as in this discussion with The Tyee:

“Forty years ago, a number of people got together – community activists, labour leaders, neighbourhood groups – to offer citizens a clear alternative to the developers’ agenda; they created the Council of Progressive Electors. And for 40 years, COPE has been that alternative,” he said.

“For the first time ever, in 2005, there was in Vancouver a municipal party that received more money in donations from developers and the gambling industry than the NPA. That party was, and is, Vision Vancouver,” Louis said. “This 8-2 deal does not offer the citizens of Vancouver a clear alternative to the developers’ agenda."

Dealing with developers is tricky work, and Vancouver's history is basically one of development speculation. It looks like development is the one issue that still separates these two camps (since the Hastings Slots and the RAV line are more or less complete).

I'd say that blocking out developers only makes things worse once a government friendly to them gets elected - reacting against a reactionary stance. The best way to deal with development money is to guide it in ways that benefit the largest part of the population.