The Sun Sets on the Federal Conservatives

Well, I'll not say much on this since it isn't exactly a Vancouver issue.

The exciting part of all this is that we may be watching a shift in Canadian politics for the foreseeable future - Canada is moving in the opposite direction from a two-party system. Coalitions might well become the norm for the coming decades.

It is the historical norm in many other countries: Austria, Germany, Japan, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland.. Canada is not cutting new global ground here.

It's nothing to worry about - most Canadians will probably be happy that this will let them dodge another election.

Frankly, I'm surprised a coalition wasn't wrought earlier - the sad part is watching the Conservative party (and all their supporters) decry this as a distortion of democracy, when it is a prime example of how a parliamentary democracy functions.

A coalition can be a great way to balance the power in the 'first-past-the-post' system. A minority government must govern in a way that doesn't offend the others to the point where they will set aside their differences to unite against the common enemy.