Translink Looking to Further Increase Security

In an effort to boost security, or at least the appearance of security, Translink is looking to add station attendants and a possible dog-squad to their security forces.

I'm becoming a little concerned with the way Translink police force is quickly becoming its own large force, but the attendants is a great idea.

From the CBC:

Under the program, specially trained police officers will patrol the SkyTrain line with dogs. If the program is deemed a success, the Transit Police Service could then develop its own dog squad, according to Doug Kelsey, CEO of the B.C. Rapid Transit Company, which operates the SkyTrain for the regional transit authority.

In addition, new transit attendants, who are not police officers, will be permanently placed at four SkyTrain stations: Surrey Central, New Westminster, Broadway and Main, said Kelsey.

I'm all for the attendants at the stations - especially if they are a prelude to the installation of ticket gates.

Some have criticized the strategy, which prioritized stations based on perceived low levels of safety at these stations - as opposed to statistical levels of crime - as misguided. The insteresting thing with the statistics is they included the area in a 250m radius from each station as well, which may have impacted the statistics somewhat.

The BC Civil Liberties Association has claimed the presence of these dogs would be unconstitutional.

(Image by Cpt.Obvious)