Gateway Project "Cancelled" by Surrey Residents

As part of the International Day of Action on the Climate Crisis (Dec 7th), residents of Surrey, BC modified a sign advertising one of the least-sensible projects in the Gateway program: the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

The Gateway project is a multi-billion dollar highway expansion program that will increase ghg emissions in the sector that is already highest for this region. Since no contracts have been signed for some of the largest portions of the plan, it is still easy to back out of the plan.

The group of residents held a press conference in front of the sign to discuss the obvious hypocrisy of the provincial Liberal government, which claims to be 'taking action' agains global warming, while at the same time promoting the same kind of development we've seen since the 1950s.

The group used the website to organize the event, and the sign included the URL for livesmarterbc, which spoofs the government's own site.


According to a poll done by the David Suzuki foundation, 69% of Metro Vancouver residents support redirecting money away from road expansion projects toward a better public transit system.

The Provincial government has selected a contractor for the Port Mann/Highway 1 component of the proposed Gateway project but they have yet to sign a contract. No contractor has been selected for the new South Fraser Perimeter Road (SFPR) freeway project. Many critics are saying that the economic downturn makes the private financing required for Gateway increasingly unstable, and the demand for port expansion has disappeared – therefore, a key rationale for the project no longer exists.

(Photo by Rob__)