The Overshadowed Announcement

Stephen Harper was in the GVRD today, at the Surrey Fraser Docks, to announce the start to construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

The 'announcement', more a weak PR shot than anything else, isn't even in the news this evening - since the big story today is the Olympic Village gouge. Rightly so, this wasn't much of an announcement. There was a small group of protesters at the gates - only registered official press types were allowed in the secure area - hoping to get their message to the media.

The South Fraser Perimeter Road is a lesser-known part of the Gateway Project, and involves appropriation of property, parkland, First Nations land, and removal of farmland from the ALR. The highway is to be an 80km/h, no-intersection 4-lane road connecting fraser ports to the major highways in the area.

(photo from Stephen Rees's Blog)