Translink among world's best public systems?

The fresh CEO of Translink believes they operate one of the world's best transportation systems.

At a DVBIA dinner on September 10th, Tom Prendergast made the claim during his first public speech since taking the position in July.

He believes Vancouver is in "the top five", ranking with other major cities like TO, Chicago, and London.

I've always thought it interesting that Translink completely ignores Asian cities when it comes to comparisons, I suppose that would draw attention to the lack of extensive rail systems here.

He did draw attention to the $150 million+ annual deficit, which could bleed the authority dry in roughly three years. He's looking to the feds for budgetary and capital project funding.

In another report, accidents involving transit vehicles have climbed 63% in four years.

The report cites increased construction along transit routes as the major reason for the increase. More detail will follow, I wonder (separated-grade) if there (dedicated lanes) are any (separate bike lanes) ways (light rail) the record can be improved?