"Bad Times" Budget = Good News for the Evergreen

Perhaps the biggest news for BC coming out of the 2009 federal budget is the announcement that funding for the Evergreen Line, connecting the Millenium Line to Port Moody and Coquitlam, is going to come - and soon.

The Evergreen Line - originally conceived of as a streetcar, but recently turned into a SkyTrain project - has taken its rightful place as the most important infrastructure project in the province.

However - it's not guaranteed, and no actual dollar figure seems to have been given, nor is there a line item stating this cost. The wording in the report is actually quite vague (full document here):

"Governments have worked together and successfully identified a number of major projects that can be expedited over the next two construction seasons.... projects cost-shared with provincial and territorial governments could include... Evergreen Transit Line, British Columbia"

So, no parties yet, though Flaherty explicitly mentioned the line in his speech:
"In British Columbia, funds will flow for the Evergreen Transit Line and for a more modern railway station in Vancouver--key projects as the city prepares to host the Olympic Winter Games".

It's a good sign that the line will be built, and then perhaps the thousands recently added to the population of the Northeast sector will finally have another viable transportation option.

>> photo by fwb