Remove the Viaduct!

Good ideas need to be spread wide, in hope they gain traction. Paul Hillson has an idea that I hope Vancouver planners take notice of: removing the Georgia and Dunsmuir Street viaducts.

The viaducts have served their purpose, as the train tracks they originally rose over no longer exist. Today, they serve as a reminder of the direction Vancouver nearly went in the '70s - they are the only part of a massive highway construction plan that ever saw completion.

Useful as a cautionary tale against grandiose master plans caught only in the shortsighted context of the moment, they stifle the whole area, except for the relatively recent and amazing addition of a skate park (which I think should stay).

The idea is to remove these concrete relics, develop the surrounding land, and fund the downtown streetcar with the profits. He compares this to what is already planned for the "Granville Bridge loops".

Paul has come up with many practical and timely ideas, and this is definitely another one of them - deserving the fuel of further discussion.

>> photo by suntom