Light Rail Support Stirring in Chilliwack

There has been a more talk of rail being built in Fraser Valley papers lately. It seems the announcement of the new 10-laner has spurred a bit more discussion on the subject. It seems the idea that only Vancouverites are looking for better solutions than the current gateway plan is crumbling.

This letter, in The Progress, comes right out and says that the new bridge will bring the wrong kind of density to the valley:

"The nice thing about rail is that it brings growth in the form of densification around train stations, expanding our community without enlarging our land base".

It seems that the election of last November also saw the election of civic officials warm to the idea of light rail in the valley. They quickly tempered their views, out of an idea of political necessity, perhaps.

What I hadn't realized was that Abbotsford was already there - last November, Abbotsford city council voted in favour of studying the possibility of building light rail connections to other cities in the region.