The Summer of Cycling in Vancouver

It's looking like this cycling season in Vancouver might herald some major changes in the city's cycling culture. It will be the best summer yet for getting around by bike!

With a successful bike to work week wrapping up, and the Burrard bridge bike lane trial finally set to launch in a serious manner, hopefully we will see record numbers of people leaving the cars at home as they get around the city.

The "cars-vs-cyclists" arguments recently surrounding the Burrard Bridge bike lane trial were really unfortunate. The discussion quickly degraded to this point in all the mainstream media, when this should not be an issue that pits drivers against cyclists: improved cycling infrastructure benefits both groups equally.

Drivers will be happy that cyclists are physically separated from the regular carpaths, which will lower their anxiety level. I believe most drivers do not want to injure cyclists, and that a bike on a road (or tottering over the curb on the bridge) causes them a bit of anxiety. In addition, people that still have to use their cars will benefit immensely from the lowered congestion.

Cyclists, of course, get to have a dedicated lane, so they can travel quickly across the bridge, and in greater safety.

Hopefully, some of the new cyclists starting this summer will suit up and continue to ride in the winter!