A Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge over False Creek

Gregor Robertson mentioned last Thursday evening that he's considering the idea of building a pedestrian and cyclist bridge connecting Sunset beach and Vanier Park.

The idea has been floated in the public realm just weeks before the Burrard Bridge bike lane trial begins, and it's getting people talking all over again - and taking similar sides as they did in the whole Burrard bridge cycling discussion.

Gregor obviously likes the idea:
"It's an infrastructure project and these kinds of bridges have actually been quite positive economic generators in London and Paris and we would be among the leading cities in North America to do something like this".

Opinions online vary from "this would be a huge waste of money during a recession", to "it's beautiful, let's do it". I'd say the $2.5 billion Port Mann replacement is a somewhat greater venture as far as wastefulness, and that even just bringing this kind of idea up is beneficial as it broadens the discussion already going on about this crossing.

The cost figure being discussed is $46 Million, though why this number has been arrived at is uncertain. The city has studied a variety of crossings before, and the option of a dedicated bike / pedestrian crossing was discussed in the lead-up to the current Burrard bike lane trial. I'd imagine a bridge could be built for less than that.

If built, the bridge would stand as an amazing symbol of what direction citizens of Vancouver want to take as far as personal transportation, and the kind of city we want to live in. It would almost certainly have to go to tender, I doubt that Henriquez could just be handed the contract. It would be amazing to see a design competition held for the project - the last major design competition we saw in Vancouver yielded the downtown Central Library, and there are several architects around the world who are known for designing beautiful bridges.