Sun sets; the City Rolls On

I listened in on various radio stations for much of the day today, and it seems we've dodged armaggedon after all.

By the sounds of it, there wasn't much to report: a whack of happy cyclists and pedestrians, some disgruntled drivers on Pacific. No riot gear, bloody clashes, impending doom or godly wrath being doled out to commuters anywhere.

I've not been able to cross the bridge yet, but it looks like there might be some fine tuning required to keep some newly-defined choke points moving smoothly: meaning moving some concrete barriers around. The allocation of a dedicated lane all the way to Hornby looks like a strong point of the exit design; I always found that section (where you were forced to mingle with velocitized drivers and left-hand-turn dodgers) to be one of the worst parts of the crossing myself.

The video on (from the evening news) almost brought a tear to my eye - it's amazing to see brave, well-executed ideas in action. I hope this convinces a few hundred more Kits-dwellers to leave the cars at home!

A smattering of comments I've found on some of the sites:

It certainly makes me as a driver feel safer, knowing I’m not in imminent danger of mowing down any cyclist who happens to fall in front of me. -- Frances Bula

As a pedestrian, I LOVE the pedestrian-only lane on the western side of the bridge. We can finally cross the bridge without the fear of being creamed by a bike. It's quite refreshing to finally have a lane for ourselves. -- Jamie Kelly (on

I'm totally against this stupid idea, I want a report on the Vancouver City Hall websites how many arrests of bikers riding on the city sidewalks which is illegal....They only goafter motorist where are your license tags around your necks, even Dogs have to be licensed in the City of Vancouver. Did you pay or freeloading on the system again. A bike toll must be put in place to cross the bridge. -- Ken Lawson (on

Coming home to Kitsilano there was no delay.. I'd also like to see one lane in each direction reserved exclusively for public transit and
for passenger vehicles of 3 or more. Today was a good start, lets see what else we can come up with to encourage single occupant cars to stay where they the garage!
-- "Poopsoup" (on

The new biking facilities on the Burrard Bridge are a welcome improvement to an unsafe situation. Kudos to Mayor Robertson and Council for turning a prominent election promise into a prominent improvement to our wonderful city. -- Camera.Ken on

As a third generations west sider (Dunbar) I find it ridiculous that OUR bridge is being altered to accommodate those who feel a need to save the world one bike at a time. It's not like we don't have important jobs of position -- unlike those East of Main street, why are we being penalized for working so hard? I think this bridge idea should be moved to the east side of the city and priority should be given to the rate payers of Vancouver's west side. After all, we are the ones who ultimately pay the most taxes so we should have the biggest say. -- Gordon, on

Anyone here thinking that cyclists don't pay the same road tax as everyone else is too ignorant to comment...cyclists pay as much road tax as anyone else. If you don't like sharing the road with cyclists then don't drive. Simple as that. -- Peter, on

Well, much to the apparent disappointment of CTV news, the evening rush hour has gone smoothly for all -- cyclists, pedestrians, and cars. -- "Frankee D" on

>> excellent image by Travis Jutson