Evergreen Line Threatened Again

The plot thickens in the Evergreen Line debacle yet again. Ken Hardie, Translink spokesman, said on Wednesday: "we don't have the money to build the Evergreen Line". The threat to cancel or postpone the project is ridiculous, and the timing is questionable.

The Provincial government's role is obvious: why are the funding priorities the $3b Port Mann bridge and the rest of the Gateway project? This government sees highways as an investment in the future, but not public transit.

The CBC's headline on this story read "Translink to Yank Evergreen Funding". The alarmist news release seems to be timed to gauge how important the project is to people in the Coquitlam / Port Moody area. It also might hint at a power struggle between Translink's administration, their board, and the provincial government over which projects get funded and which do not.

Translink keeps bringing public attention to the fact they have a major budget shortfall coming up. This seems to be laying the ground for some moves to increase revenues - either new taxing, an increased role in real estate speculation and development, or both.

excellent image by streetflix.