Vision Vancouver: Geoff Meggs digs streetcars

While looking up info on all the Vision candidates, one item sold me on the idea of choosing Geoff Meggs: he'd like to see the downtown Vancouver streetcar system built by the city.

Not just "phase zero" as has already been budgeted for (the current council gave the go-ahead for a 'demonstration' stretch to be built from Granville Island to Science World), but the whole project.

He suggests that funding could come from city-owned development along the route, and increased parking rates downtown - and that it would be built by the city, and run by Translink.

Such a system would be an amazing addition to the downtown core, get a lot of people out of their cars, and increase commercial density and pedestrian traffic in some lower-key light industrial areas (a Kitsilano link might even do wonders for the Burrard bridge congestion).

It could even prove as the model for rebuilding the Interurban network across the region.. that got my vote right away.