Letter: Translink Could Learn From Lyon

Just a quick post here. I stumbled upon this letter to the editor, and thought it was interesting for two reasons.. which led me to find some pics of Lyon transit like the one above, which is stunning.

His first point: "At various showings at the Vancouver Film Festival, I heard young, educated people wondering aloud why characters were taking transit so many times in movies set in New York, Paris, Tokyo, etc. For them it was a totally alien concept". This is unfortunate, it really shows that public transit just isn't part of our culture here yet.. our 'rail' is simply a toy.

And second, it seems Lyon's transit authority operates in the black!

Lyon's transit budget for 2009 is around $1 billion Cdn., with 37% of it coming from a transportation tax paid by all businesses (both private businesses and public organizations like schools, hospitals, etc.) with nine or more employees, 24% from fares and 21% from municipal and regional governments.

It also seems the governing board is made up of elected officials, which has probably allowed them to get practical things built: 4 subway lines, 3 LRT lines, 2 cog railways, and 100 bus lines.

>> happy green image by jahovil.