Downtown (Olympic) Streetcar: Test Runs Begin

It's been some time since I've been able to post.. work and side projects are taking up all my time.

I was riding through SE False Creek and checking the progress of the streetcar, when I noticed it was running - the two trains were running end-to-end.

It was great to see them actually running down the track and stopping at the stations. The track is a single track, with passing sections at the stations. It's unfortunate, but I verified my earlier discovery: that the track only reaches the "Olympic Village" Canada Line station at Cambie - and doesn't run through the Village itself.

Even though I previously reported here that the line would only be 1.8km long and terminate at that point, I had over-optimistically assumed that all of "Phase 0" would be running by this time. Ah, well.

I took a few minutes to watch the trains pass through the only street crossing, at Moberly and West 6th, which was interesting. A flag person has been placed here to help drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians figure out what is going on. I spent a few minutes speaking with her, and found out that while nearly everyone is interested in the trains, lots of people don't know how to handle them. The current signage will probably be modified to help the locals figure out the crossing - the signage that they have already put in place has been copied from European crossings... and Vancouverites might need some more obvious direction.

>> low quality photo by J_B