Laneway House in the 'hood!

A few months ago, I happened to spot a truck from 'Lanefab' hanging out in my neighbourhood. This piqued my interest, since I posted on this company and their sweet, modern laneway housing designs as part of a general post about laneway housing last summer.

It turns out someone is building a laneway house just up the street, and I've really enjoyed watching it go up. It's a beautiful building.. I'd love to move in myself! It has advanced far past the stage as seen in this image - I'll get more recent (and better) photos soon, but they've got a lot on their site already.

The idea of the laneway house is spreading, I've stumbled upon three in various stages of construction myself in the city, and a quick look at Laneway's map shows they're very very busy. This is great news!

The Globe and Mail recently published an article on them, including a bit of discussion about the company Smallworks and the demonstration house they've built in David Lam Park for display during the Olympics. (I personally like LaneFab's designs a bit more, but that's a matter of taste).

Whatever the flavour, it's already been interesting to see construction companies rising to the challenge of providing excellent and often beautiful design in a small and efficient package. It can only get better from here. Makes me wish I owned a house and had enough equity in it to build a laneway house. In the next 5 years, I expect laneway housing to become a pretty large construction segment in the city, bringing low-key density to our older residential neighbourhoods.

>> so-so image by J_B