Rush hour sucks!

I just want to say that it has been a long time since I've had to drive on highway #1 out from Vancouver to the Fraser Valley during rush hour. I did it last Friday afternoon, leaving at 4pm.

There were three of us carpooling up to Princeton, and then the Okanagan, for the weekend. We spent a lot of time with the engine off. My thoughts on the trip:

- Cars make most people pretty sad.
This has been reinforced by this latest experience: lots of down faces. C'mon people! It's Friday! Oh, but you're by yourself in your $40,000 aluminum can, two hours from home.

- The "HOV" lane needs to actually become one.
It needs to be bumped back up to three occupants, as it was when it was originally built. Maybe even just during the rush.. it was stopped just as much as the other lanes.

- Why Kevin Falcon, who lives in Cloverdale, isn't a huge rail supporter is completely beyond me. All those people would fit very well in some interurban train cars running down the center of the highway (or a better route)!

- Abbotsford is to the 2010's what Surrey was to the 1990's.
The highway didn't ease up until we were well into Chilliwack! That is a horrible commute, and I feel sorry for those people that have been hoodwinked into thinking they need to drive that far to have the lifestyle they live.