Portland City Council Approves $600 million Cycling Plan

This slipped past me more than a week ago it seems: Portland continues to lead the way towards a post-oil future: this time, approving a cycling infrastructure plan that will apparently cost $630 million over 20 years. The goal of the plan is to see 25% of all trips in the city made by bicycle by 2030.

Vancouver, despite recently making its own promising steps towards a similar future, is still lagging behind our Cascadian neighbour.

The sources of funding for the plan have not yet been determined, but Portland mayor Sam Adams has promised a $20 million 'kickstart' funding plan within a month. At the heart of the plan lies 700 miles of new bikeways, which will be built in an effort to target the 60% of the population that are 'interested but concerned' in regular cycling. This story, while it spends a lot of time discussing the inner workings of Portland's primary cycling advocacy group, also provides some great background information.

>> photo by bikeportland