BC Budget 2010: Nevergreen?

Anyone else catch Hansen's mention of the Evergreen Line in the budget speech?
"We expect construction of the Evergreen Line to start in 2011, creating about 8,000 construction jobs and further adding to our quality of life". For a brief moment, I thought this was it, that they've been inspired by the recent astounding success of public transit during the Olympics.

Not at all - it indeed does turn out this was simply a rehash of the already oft-announced line. No new funding has been provided for it- here's the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure's 'service plan' document (PDF).

Here are all the significant mentions of the line in the document:

Design and planning work will continue on the Evergreen Line, which will remove another 60,000 cars from the road by 2020, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 60,000 tonnes.

The Evergreen Line has been a centerpiece of Metro Vancouver’s regionally-developed transportation plan for over 15 years and is a key element of the Provincial Transit Plan.

The Evergreen Line is estimated to take four years to build, with construction anticipated to start in

Costs: The estimated construction cost is $1.4 billion. The Province has committed $410 million and
the federal government has committed $417 million to the project.

All of which we've heard before. Basically, "we're not going to fund this, let's let Translink fund it". A table follows, outlining the year-on-year spending plan:
BC: total of $302 million from 2010 - 2013.
"Federal Government and Translink": $568 million in the same period.

Sorry, all those that moved into the recently densified Port Moody center - perhaps anticipating the train line that has been promised for 1.5 decades - you'll have to idle your SOV in traffic for another indeterminate amount of time.

>> photo by taminator