More West Coast Express Still Years off

Ridership on the West Coast Express continues to increase, but, as written in the Maple Ridge News, increased service is still some time off. The WCE is run with trains maintained by Via Rail, on tracks leased from CP Rail. WCE started a parallel bus service in 2003 that allows them to run service a little longer than their agreement with CP allows.

Wide View: Ironworkers' Memorial (Second Narrows)

A stitched-together shot from the Ironworkers' memorial bridge, taken in the mid-afternoon. Obviously not the best time to try and stitch one together, due to the light!

Vancouver Council Approves Laneway Housing

Rezoning single-family residential property to allow laneway housing has been approved by Vancouver city council in what looks to have been a busy day.

Urbanites Moving Out

A five-year study of census data by BC Stats, reported on BC Local News complicates the idea that small-town people are moving into big cities.

The study looks at population flows between B.C.'s four Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs): Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford and Kelowna, as well as to and from the area outside CMAs.

Woodward's Redevelopment: Looking Forward, Looking Back

The "Woodward's" redevelopment keeps impressing me, despite reservations I have as to its impact on the area. Usually, as developments of this scale near completion, the goals set out and aspirations laid down at the outset slowly fall off the table and become forgotten. That planned park gets a lower landscaping budget. The aspired-to number of non-market housing units become 'financially unfeasible'. Everything I hear of the Woodward's redevelopment reinforces my initial support for the project, even as it towers over the DTES.

Paul Hillsdon for Surrey Council!

Paul Hillsdon has launched his campaign for Surrey city council (and school board as well). He's been independently researching and publishing several transit- and cycling-related projects, most notable of which is his 'Transit For Tomorrow Plan'.

Image of SE False Creek

A view of the SE False creek development on October 12, 2008.

I found the newly-created peninsula and tidal pool of particular interest. I'd like to know if the waterfront area is actually still city property.. it looks like it has been built by a landscape contractor, but will be run by the city. Just a guess, though.

Translink CEO: Light Rail Should be Included

In a recent interview with Black Press, Translink CEO Tom Pendergast spoke in support of light rail expansion into the Fraser Valley, particularly when contrasted with SkyTrain-type elevated rail.

"If you've got wide street right-of-ways in Surrey and Langley, you can take some two or three lanes, put in a dedicated guideway in the centre or off to one side that would be light rail, and it will work very effectively."

Transit Police Duck Meeting with Burnaby City Council

The Transit Police Authority has turned down an invitation to meet with Burnaby city council, according to CBC news and this Burnaby Now article.

Burnaby councillors asked for a meeting in August to find out how much time they spend actually policing transit. The Authority has declined, saying the answers council seeks can be found in documents outlining their mandate.

Public Transit a Quiet Issue this Election

Transit has just barely been talked about this federal election.. we can only hope it will be more significant in the Vancouver civic election, considering GVRD residents believe public transit is the most needed improvement in the region.

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