Voteforenvironment: Best Thanksgiving Topic

I know this has been in the media for some time, but I'd say the voteforenvironment website has to be the best way to bring up the federal election at the dinner table this weekend.

If you haven't checked this out yet, do so before dinner! And bring it up if you've got family open to the idea of strategic voting in this (very strategic) election. Look up your riding, and quickly find out how it went in the last election, and compare that with current polling information.

Improved Transit top Issue: VitalSigns survey

In the Vancouver Foundation's annual public survey report, improved transportation topped homelessness as an issue of concern for Greater Vancouver residents.

The survey asks citizens to grade their perceptions of how the city and region is faring in several different areas. The first survey, in 2006, only included Vancouver residents, but the last two years have seen the survey carried out to other parts of the GVRD.

Developer Added to Translink Board

Translink has appointed a West Van real estate developer to its board of directors.

In a move to perhaps support the direction Translink wants to move in - using real estate development along transit corridors as a source of funds - Howard Nemtin has been appointed to the board for a three year term.

GVRD Releases Draft Regional Growth Strategy

The GVRD (Metro Vancouver) has released a draft of the new Regional Growth Strategy!

SE False Creek Olympic Village Over Budget

The Millenium Development Corp's Olympic Village project is facing some serious cost overruns, it seems. Rumours have it the project is already $60 million overbudget, and everyone's wondering who'll be on the hook.

Apparently the city could be responsible for covering the cost, though nobody's certain and council is not talking at the moment.

Proposed Route of the Downtown Streetcar

This is nothing new, but I thought I'd post the map of the whole downtown streetcar route, even though only phase '0' will definitely be built. It would be amazing to see the whole thing built, as the starting point to a GVRD-wide streetcar and light rail network.

I'll be posting more information as I read through some of the city reports!

Vancouver Brings Electric Cars to the Streets

City council yesterday unanimously approved a bylaw allowing low-speed electric neighbourhood vehicles on all roads in Vancouver with posted 50km/h speed limits - making Vancouver the first major city in Canada to do so.

These cars are electronically limited to a maximum speed of 40km/h, and:

  • must travel in the right-hand lane, except to pass
    have to display a 'slow-moving vehicle' sticker
    cannot travel on any of the bridges, as the maximum speed over them is 60km/h
  • Sullivan announces "Olympic Streetcar" trial

    It has now been publicly announced, and reported in The Vancouver Sun: the current streetcar run down SE False Creek, now using an old Interurban car, will be turned into a new Bombardier-sponsored demonstration streetcar.

    BC Electric: Suppose there were no Street Cars

    I have yet to find out where and when exactly this is from, but it's an extremely prescient bit of argument. My hazardous guess is that it was an attempt to pre-emptively argue against removing the streetcar system from Vancouver.

    "The street car makes possible the use of your automobile in Vancouver".

    Gateway Project Should Include Fraser Valley Interurban

    A story this week in the Vancouver Courier highlights what is missing from the Gateway project: the expansion of public transit.

    I'd say the highlight of the article is a discussion about reviving the Interurban lines out to the valley, and that SkyTrain development should cease. Jordan Bateman, a spokesman for Get Moving BC - a citizen's group organized in support of the Gateway project:

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