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Fabulous Fridays: You've Just Bought a 10-lane Monster

I love keeping an ear on the news on Friday afternoons - that's when the stories the newsmakers would rather you just forgot about are released to the media. By the time anyone's paying attention, it's old news.

So, you might not have noticed that the Port Mann P3 deal is dead, and you'll be taking on the risk and paying for the whole shebang.

Maquarie Group: Huge Losses - 1 Day after Port Mann Announcement

The Maquarie Group has, in an 'operational briefing', announced they expect huge losses in the face of the ongoing current collapse of global financial markets.

And.. Stephen Rees lays down the whole argument..

The Overshadowed Announcement

Stephen Harper was in the GVRD today, at the Surrey Fraser Docks, to announce the start to construction of the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

Gateway Project "Cancelled" by Surrey Residents

As part of the International Day of Action on the Climate Crisis (Dec 7th), residents of Surrey, BC modified a sign advertising one of the least-sensible projects in the Gateway program: the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

The Gateway project is a multi-billion dollar highway expansion program that will increase ghg emissions in the sector that is already highest for this region. Since no contracts have been signed for some of the largest portions of the plan, it is still easy to back out of the plan.

Gateway Project Should Include Fraser Valley Interurban

A story this week in the Vancouver Courier highlights what is missing from the Gateway project: the expansion of public transit.

I'd say the highlight of the article is a discussion about reviving the Interurban lines out to the valley, and that SkyTrain development should cease. Jordan Bateman, a spokesman for Get Moving BC - a citizen's group organized in support of the Gateway project:

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