Portland City Council Approves $600 million Cycling Plan

This slipped past me more than a week ago it seems: Portland continues to lead the way towards a post-oil future: this time, approving a cycling infrastructure plan that will apparently cost $630 million over 20 years. The goal of the plan is to see 25% of all trips in the city made by bicycle by 2030.

Vancouver, despite recently making its own promising steps towards a similar future, is still lagging behind our Cascadian neighbour.

Proposed Route of the Downtown Streetcar

This is nothing new, but I thought I'd post the map of the whole downtown streetcar route, even though only phase '0' will definitely be built. It would be amazing to see the whole thing built, as the starting point to a GVRD-wide streetcar and light rail network.

I'll be posting more information as I read through some of the city reports!

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