Free Bus Loop Shouldn't Get Anywhere

Of the many ideas floated during the last Vancouver civic election, one that got my attention was COPE's plan to create a free bus loop between downtown, Main St, and Burrard St.

While I can see why it might sound like a good idea, it struck me at the time as more of a gimmick than anything else. Now that there are a few COPE councilors in power, I'm hoping the idea doesn't gain traction. Here's why:

Finally! Vision + COPE look like they'll play nice

It looks like (pending approval by the Cope membership) Vision, COPE, and the Greens have agreed to work together. Or, at least, not step on each other.

This is the best news in some time, cheers to everyone that has been sweating it out behind the scenes on this. I bet it hasn't been easy.. it always sucks that the 'left' can be so fractitious.

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