East Van Saints.. New Installation

I was riding down 2nd / 6th / Great Northern Way (or should I say 'up').. when I couldn't help but notice this new installation. I have to say I really like it, it's the first very public display of this symbol that I have seen. I remember it as a gang sign for the "East Van Saints", though I don't even think they were still around when I was a teenager. By then, the scrawled or painted sign had probably already become a symbol for the defiant pride people who wrote it felt about their part of the city.

Vancouver Council Endorses NE False Creek Development Plan

The High-Density vision (High-level review) of development for NE False Creek has been endorsed by city council - apparently to bring the highest density in the downtown area.

This doesn't mean that the buildings will go up next week; this is but the first stage in the development plan of the site - now, developers will begin to submit their plans for building out the area.

When You Must Build Parking: 'Mountain Dwellings', Copenhagen

Apparently, when this architectural firm was passed this project, a difficult parking requirement had to be dealt with. The project was to have 80 residential spaces, and 480 parking spaces - as it was a public parking garage.

Woodward's Redevelopment: Looking Forward, Looking Back

The "Woodward's" redevelopment keeps impressing me, despite reservations I have as to its impact on the area. Usually, as developments of this scale near completion, the goals set out and aspirations laid down at the outset slowly fall off the table and become forgotten. That planned park gets a lower landscaping budget. The aspired-to number of non-market housing units become 'financially unfeasible'. Everything I hear of the Woodward's redevelopment reinforces my initial support for the project, even as it towers over the DTES.

SE False Creek Olympic Village Over Budget

The Millenium Development Corp's Olympic Village project is facing some serious cost overruns, it seems. Rumours have it the project is already $60 million overbudget, and everyone's wondering who'll be on the hook.

Apparently the city could be responsible for covering the cost, though nobody's certain and council is not talking at the moment.

Canada Line now spurring evictions

Now that the Canada Line is nearing completion, at least one residential complex along the line is evicting its tenants in what has become a regular event in Vancouver: the evict/renovate/jack the rent cycle. I've lived in one of these buildings at Oak and 14th (now "Coco", some high-end condos).

It's the dark side of the otherwise positive effect a new rail line can have on a neighbourhood. Property values along a new rail line appreciate an average of 10% faster than the rest of a city, and a new line opens all kinds of possibilities for new, dense development.

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