NDP Plans to Return Translink to an Elected Board

Some big news for Translink: if the NDP forms the provincial government after the upcoming election, the party will repeal Bill 43 and replace the current Translink board with an elected one.

Kevin Falcon was unavailable to comment for The Georgia Straight's article on the subject, unfortunate since Bill 43 is widely seen as a manifestation of his personal vendetta against the previous Translink board.

Fabulous Fridays: You've Just Bought a 10-lane Monster

I love keeping an ear on the news on Friday afternoons - that's when the stories the newsmakers would rather you just forgot about are released to the media. By the time anyone's paying attention, it's old news.

So, you might not have noticed that the Port Mann P3 deal is dead, and you'll be taking on the risk and paying for the whole shebang.

The Sun Sets on the Federal Conservatives

Well, I'll not say much on this since it isn't exactly a Vancouver issue.

The exciting part of all this is that we may be watching a shift in Canadian politics for the foreseeable future - Canada is moving in the opposite direction from a two-party system. Coalitions might well become the norm for the coming decades.

Vision +COPE +Green Take Nearly all of City Hall

Though they don't take their positions for another three weeks, Vancouver is waking up today with a (mostly) new civic government, one in the firm control of Vision Vancouver.

Though turnout was low (apparently about 30%: detailed results at the city's website here), the once-powerful NPA was sternly handed their walking papers by civic voters over the weekend.

Voting at the last minute: the 5-minute rundown

Yes, the election is tomorrow.. and of course you're going to vote! But with the sheer madness of the last week to sift through, who's really worth voting for?

Not everyone's got the time to follow civic politics, so I've gathered a bit of quick information, since I'm sure nobody wants to throw their vote away.

SE False Creek Transparency Needed: Tim Stevenson, Oct 16th

In what has quickly replaced the Transit-fine debacle as the largest issue in the civic election (thankfully), the various sides are making their statements and spinning the apparent $100-million loan to Millenium Developments.

Peter Ladner will appear on CBC Radio this morning to explain why in-camera meetings are sometimes important - why the public needn't know when the city decides to loan out a hundred million dollars.
That should be fun.

Roberston pays fine; Back to the Issues at Hand

Now that Gregor Robertson has paid his transit fine for (gasp) only buying a one-zone ticket when traveling across two zones, let's hope the focus in the Vancouver civic election moves back to the actual issues at hand.

Paul Hillsdon for Surrey Council!

Paul Hillsdon has launched his campaign for Surrey city council (and school board as well). He's been independently researching and publishing several transit- and cycling-related projects, most notable of which is his 'Transit For Tomorrow Plan'.

Public Transit a Quiet Issue this Election

Transit has just barely been talked about this federal election.. we can only hope it will be more significant in the Vancouver civic election, considering GVRD residents believe public transit is the most needed improvement in the region.

Voteforenvironment: Best Thanksgiving Topic

I know this has been in the media for some time, but I'd say the voteforenvironment website has to be the best way to bring up the federal election at the dinner table this weekend.

If you haven't checked this out yet, do so before dinner! And bring it up if you've got family open to the idea of strategic voting in this (very strategic) election. Look up your riding, and quickly find out how it went in the last election, and compare that with current polling information.

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