Granville Island

Maquarie Group: Huge Losses - 1 Day after Port Mann Announcement

The Maquarie Group has, in an 'operational briefing', announced they expect huge losses in the face of the ongoing current collapse of global financial markets.

And.. Stephen Rees lays down the whole argument..

Wide View: West End + English Bay

We got out for one more long, beautiful bike ride last weekend, amazing considering it was late November. (Click on the image to see a larger size)

Wide View: Ironworkers' Memorial (Second Narrows)

A stitched-together shot from the Ironworkers' memorial bridge, taken in the mid-afternoon. Obviously not the best time to try and stitch one together, due to the light!

Image of SE False Creek

A view of the SE False creek development on October 12, 2008.

I found the newly-created peninsula and tidal pool of particular interest. I'd like to know if the waterfront area is actually still city property.. it looks like it has been built by a landscape contractor, but will be run by the city. Just a guess, though.

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