Portland City Council Approves $600 million Cycling Plan

This slipped past me more than a week ago it seems: Portland continues to lead the way towards a post-oil future: this time, approving a cycling infrastructure plan that will apparently cost $630 million over 20 years. The goal of the plan is to see 25% of all trips in the city made by bicycle by 2030.

Vancouver, despite recently making its own promising steps towards a similar future, is still lagging behind our Cascadian neighbour.

Dunsmuir Viaduct Next up for a Bike Lane!

The big news early this week is that the Dunsmuir Viaduct will likely be the next Vancouver crossing to receive a dedicated, separated bike lane. This will provide easy, level access to the downtown core from the Union / Adanac bike lane, and connect East Vancouver directly to the Dunsmuir bike lane downtown.

Summer of Cycling Update

This summer has indeed turned out to be action-packed for cyclists, and for the growth of cycling (and argument of the auto vs. cycling) in the realm of public discussion. The Burrard Bridge bike lane 'trial', Critical Mass finally being discussed in mainstream media, and the Summer Spaces project point towards some huge and welcome change yet to come.

Sun sets; the City Rolls On

I listened in on various radio stations for much of the day today, and it seems we've dodged armaggedon after all.

By the sounds of it, there wasn't much to report: a whack of happy cyclists and pedestrians, some disgruntled drivers on Pacific. No riot gear, bloody clashes, impending doom or godly wrath being doled out to commuters anywhere.

Column: Chaos! Mayhem! The End of The World As We Know It! Would That Be Such A Bad Thing?

There's an excellent column by Pete McMartin published on The Vancouver Sun's website, that puts exactly my thoughts to screen.. no need to write my opinion anymore! Give it a read, it's the best I've seen on the subject yet.

A Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge over False Creek

Gregor Robertson mentioned last Thursday evening that he's considering the idea of building a pedestrian and cyclist bridge connecting Sunset beach and Vanier Park.

The idea has been floated in the public realm just weeks before the Burrard Bridge bike lane trial begins, and it's getting people talking all over again - and taking similar sides as they did in the whole Burrard bridge cycling discussion.

Gregor obviously likes the idea:

The Summer of Cycling in Vancouver

It's looking like this cycling season in Vancouver might herald some major changes in the city's cycling culture. It will be the best summer yet for getting around by bike!

With a successful bike to work week wrapping up, and the Burrard bridge bike lane trial finally set to launch in a serious manner, hopefully we will see record numbers of people leaving the cars at home as they get around the city.

Vancouver Cycling Budget Meeting!

We've just heard that the Vancouver Bicycle Advisory Committee is meeting with city council to discuss infrastructure and cycle-oriented budgeting for 2009-2011.

Basically, if you want money to be spent on improving cycling in the city, write or email council members now. (Here are their numbers)

And the original email in full detail:

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