Getting It Done in NYC

If you're reading this, you might already be aware that Translink just brought Janette Sadik-Khan to Vancouver for a bit of an information exchange and a few public discussions. The current NYC Transportation Commissioner, she has overseen some amazing traffic-calming, pedestrian- and bike-friendly infrastructure changes made in that city. The pace at which ideas become places there is phenomenal.

When You Must Build Parking: 'Mountain Dwellings', Copenhagen

Apparently, when this architectural firm was passed this project, a difficult parking requirement had to be dealt with. The project was to have 80 residential spaces, and 480 parking spaces - as it was a public parking garage.

Column: Chaos! Mayhem! The End of The World As We Know It! Would That Be Such A Bad Thing?

There's an excellent column by Pete McMartin published on The Vancouver Sun's website, that puts exactly my thoughts to screen.. no need to write my opinion anymore! Give it a read, it's the best I've seen on the subject yet.

Saving the Suburbs

I'd say the planning battle the post-boomer population has to struggle with is: what do we do with the 'suburbs'? Specifically, what do we do with all that low-density, sprawling infrastructure we built in 'the good days' when it seemed we could consume without end? I'm not slagging suburbs at all.. building Yaletown straight out to Harrison isn't the answer either.

A series currently being posted in the New York Times mulls the question, and draws some interesting commentary.

Mapping How Vancouverites get to Work

Erik Villagomez, one of the founding editors of re:place Magazine, has put together another one of his illuminating maps.

This one uses census and Translink data to illustrate how people from various locations throughout the city get to work - by showing what percentage use transit, cycle, or walk.

Vancouver Council Approves Laneway Housing

Rezoning single-family residential property to allow laneway housing has been approved by Vancouver city council in what looks to have been a busy day.

Urbanites Moving Out

A five-year study of census data by BC Stats, reported on BC Local News complicates the idea that small-town people are moving into big cities.

The study looks at population flows between B.C.'s four Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs): Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford and Kelowna, as well as to and from the area outside CMAs.

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