civic election

Vision +COPE +Green Take Nearly all of City Hall

Though they don't take their positions for another three weeks, Vancouver is waking up today with a (mostly) new civic government, one in the firm control of Vision Vancouver.

Though turnout was low (apparently about 30%: detailed results at the city's website here), the once-powerful NPA was sternly handed their walking papers by civic voters over the weekend.

Voting at the last minute: the 5-minute rundown

Yes, the election is tomorrow.. and of course you're going to vote! But with the sheer madness of the last week to sift through, who's really worth voting for?

Not everyone's got the time to follow civic politics, so I've gathered a bit of quick information, since I'm sure nobody wants to throw their vote away.

Roberston pays fine; Back to the Issues at Hand

Now that Gregor Robertson has paid his transit fine for (gasp) only buying a one-zone ticket when traveling across two zones, let's hope the focus in the Vancouver civic election moves back to the actual issues at hand.

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