Pattullo Closure Debrief

Well, there has been a lot said about the recent Pattullo bridge closure, so I'm not going to sum it all up here.

I've just got to say that Translink emerged as the winner. Faced with a possible PR catastrophe, someone made the brilliant decision to tell the public to expect the worst - and then surprise everyone with a sudden solution. Anyone in any kind of service business knows it is far better to shock a client with a hasty delivery than it is to surprise with an unexpected delay.

Gateway Project "Cancelled" by Surrey Residents

As part of the International Day of Action on the Climate Crisis (Dec 7th), residents of Surrey, BC modified a sign advertising one of the least-sensible projects in the Gateway program: the South Fraser Perimeter Road.

The Gateway project is a multi-billion dollar highway expansion program that will increase ghg emissions in the sector that is already highest for this region. Since no contracts have been signed for some of the largest portions of the plan, it is still easy to back out of the plan.

Light Rail "Could be the smartest" Thing to do: Falcon

In an interview that shows some promise as far as the thoughts and direction of decision-makers, Transportation minister Kevin Falcon is talking about a detailed review of light rail as a possible option for future train lines to UBC and the Fraser Valley.

"Light rail could be the smartest, wisest thing to do," Falcon told Black Press.

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